Monday, May 16, 2016

The Giver

Michelle Hernandez

The Giver

I think that despite the change movie does a good job respecting the book. Why? Because first of all having a 12 year old have a “weird” dream about a girl is kinda creepy, it's normal but it's creepy. Having him be older in the movie is just a small change, it's not going to make any big changes in the story, plus in the movie they have kissing scenes and watching kids kiss can and may be weird for some people (like me).
Another reason why the movie still respects the book, despite the changes is that having Asher as a drone pilot instead of a teacher would create more drama. The movie would be boring if there was no drama and having friends show trust, when having hard decisions is interesting. Like we have the romance between Fiona and Jonas but i think that we also need to include a friendship not just romance because not everyone is comfortable with kissing scenes or stuff like that. I'm fine with it but I know people that are not comfortable with and turn away when things like that come up. And when friends are put on the line it's intriguing  to see what they are going to do or say.
I think that the movie does a good job respecting the book despite the changes. There is one big difference that affects the story is Fiona being a nurturer to a nursery worker. By being a nursery worker she helps Jonas escape and then getting in trouble and then plan to release her. She help Jonas by getting another basket the same one the Gabriel was in and runs with it tricking the guards by thinking that she has Gabriel when really Jonas is running the opposite way with Gabriel.
Another reason why the movie does a good job respecting the book is that they still keep the characters the same and the meaning of the story too. By that I mean that they don't change the book completely they make small changes to make it better, like Asher and Fiona's job and also that they are older. They did make the Chief Elder a bigger character than in the book, making her appear more and making well evil. The story is still the same, people are afraid of difference, standing out from crowd, today calling someone different is more of a compliment than an insult.
The final reason why the movie does a good job respecting book is that having flashes of color and having like a birthmark instead of their eyes being a different color isn't really a big deal. First of all the flashes of color and the apple changing color isn't really a big deal, they still got the message, it's still showing that he is seeing color. Now the eyes and the spot on his wrist isn't much of a difference it's just that they are in different place, the important thing is that he can still receive the memories. And that is why the movie does a good job respecting the book   

Thursday, April 28, 2016


        Memories, people can remember the Babylonian Talmud that contains thousands of pages, I can barely remember what I did last week, like seriously. It surprised me that people can actually memorize all of that! How can they remember all of that?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What if....

        So "The Pedestrian" and "The Forecast" are similar they both have that kinda of thing were they leave you thinking, what if? Like in "The Pedestrian" the man seems to be the only one that is actually "normal," because he goes for walks and does things differently. I think today we spend more time looking at screens than going outside to play, we depend on technology to do things, but what if we didn't have all this technology?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wait What?

             So I think that was the end of the book, so what happened is that Jonas was going through the snow then, just like his first memories the Giver gave him about snow he got on the sled with Gabriel and went down the hill, and then he heard music. I got confused like why would Lois Lowry end he book like that?

Monday, April 25, 2016


           Jonas is continuing with his plan and he took Gabriel with him and they are not doing very well. I wonder what will happen if they actually he actually doesn't make it. What will happen if he doesn't make it, will the memories still go out in to the community?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Plan

   So in this chapter Jonas and the Giver discuss the plan for him to escape and also we find out the the Giver had a daughter and that her name was Rosemary. That made me kinda of sad because he had to watch her daughter go through pain and even watch her release. I wonder they would choose his daughter to be the Receiver.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

So Thats What They Do.....

      So in chapter 19 we figured out that last Receivers name was Rosemary and that she applied for release and also that they actually put "to sleep the people," so they were right they kill them. It surprised me that they kill them, where would the bodies go?